WalletConnect metadata

Personalize the pairing information displayed on third-party dApps via Wallet Connect from the Portal Admin Dashboard.

When users connect to a dApp using Wallet Connect, the dApp may showcase your organization's details, such as the name, description, website, and logo. Personalize this information following the below steps.

Customize Wallet Connect Metadata

Go to the Portal Admin Dashboard

  • Go to the Settings page of the Portal Admin Dashboard.

  • Scroll until you find the Wallet Connect Metadata section.

Modify Metadata

  • If metadata for your Portal environment is unset, click New.

  • If it's already set, click Edit to make updates.

  • Personalize the metadata and click either Create or Update in the modal.

After you register your dApp with Wallet Connect Cloud, you will be assigned a project ID. You can find this ID in the Wallet Connect Cloud dashboard.

Test for Accuracy

  • Initiate a connection to a dApp using Wallet Connect.

  • Verify that dApps show the updated metadata correctly.

  • If you notice any discrepancies, return to the Portal Admin Dashboard to make necessary adjustments.

If you don't provide custom metadata for Wallet Connect, the default details will be from the Portal's organization information.

Congratulations! dApps connected via Wallet Connect now show personalized pairing details to your users. Well done! 🎉

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