Backup Options

Password/Pin Backup

Allow customers to create a password/pin. Customers can either remember the password or store it in a password storage manager.

Implementation Requirements

  1. Create a UI for password input.

  2. Enforce password requirements. Customer can choose between password, PIN code, passcode, or any other text-based input.

  3. If user forgets password there are no additional recovery options.

import React, { FC } from 'react'
import { Button, View } from 'react-native'
import axios from 'axios'
import { BackupMethods, usePortal } from '@portal-hq/core'

const BackupButton: FC = () => {
  const [password, setPassword] = useState<string>('')
  const portal = usePortal()
  const handleBackup = async () => {
    // Get an encryped client backup share from running backup.
    const backupShare = await portal.backupWallet(BackupMethods.Password, { passwordStorageConfig: { pasword } })
    try {
      // Send the backup share to your API and store it.
      await'{your_server}/clients/[clientId]/backup', {
        data: { backupShare }

      // ✅ Notify Portal that the client backup share was stored! 🙌
      await portal.api.storedClientBackupShare(true)
    } catch (error) {
      // ❌ Notify Portal that the client backup share was not stored.
      await portal.api.storedClientBackupShare(false)
  return (
      <Button onPress={handleBackup} title="Backup your wallet" />

export default BackupButton

iCloud Backup

See the docs on how to

Google Drive Backup

See the docs on how toConfigure GDrive storage

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