Security Firewall

In this page, we'll go through setting up policies on your security firewall to help protect your users/wallets from scams and threats.
The security firewall is accessible through the Portal web app at
Step 1: Click on the "Firewall" button on the right side of the page
Step 2: Click on Block address on the top right and enter either a digital address or smart contract address with your reason.;
Once that's completed the address will be set in a block state and available to be updated for the future.
Dynamic scam and exploit protection
Portal automatically blocks addresses, smart contracts and dApps associated with suspicious activity based on open source blocklists and updates the firewall with new information on a daily basis.
Additionally, Portal reviews transactions in process, checking both the to and data fields of a transaction. If either field contains an address that has been blocked, the transaction is rejected. This protects users from sending a transaction to an otherwise safe address if that address is associated with any blocked addresses or smart contracts directly (determined by the to field) or indirectly (determined by the data field).
For more detail information regarding the security firewall take a look at our blog post here.