Build a WebView

Our ready-to-use WebView component helps you quickly integrate Portal into your app.

Before using the Portal mobile components, be sure you have run portal.mpc.generate() to generate a wallet.

For more information on generating MPC signing shares, see: Generating a wallet.


yarn add @portal-hq/webview

Dependency linking

Because these packages have native module dependencies there is some additional linking required to make it work with your React Native project.

Explicitly install the native module packages in your project.

yarn add react-native-webview

Basic Usage

import React, { FC } from 'react'

// Portal imports
import { usePortal } from '@portal-hq/core'
import Webview from '@portal-hq/webview'

const MyBrowser: FC = () => {
  // Store the Portal instance in the state
  const portal = usePortal()
  return (
    <View style={{ width: '100%', height: '100%' }}>
      {portal && 
          url="" // Any URL for a dapp
          onNavigationStateChange?: (event: WebViewNavigation) => void
          onSigningRequested?: (approvalRequest: any) => void // only needed if auto-approve is set to false

export default MyBrowser

Next Steps

You now have a working dApp Browser example!

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