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Web (Beta)

Follow this guide to integrate Portal in your web app.
This product is currently in Beta and is under active development.
Portal provides MPC wallets and dApp connections for organizations and their users. To integrate Portal, an organization adds a client library to their web app, configures a CNAME record, and adds a few server API endpoints.

Basic setup

The basic Portal setup consists of a single packages:
  • @portal-hq/web - The core Portal library
This allows you to initialize Portal in your app.


Follow this guide to gather all of the credentials you need to Authenticate to Portal.


yarn add @portal-hq/web
npm install --save @portal-hq/web

Initializing Portal

import Portal from '@portal-hq/web'
const portal = Portal({
autoApprove: true, // This should only be used for local development
chainId: 5,
host: 'YOUR-CUSTOM-SUBDOMAN' // Set this once you've defined your custom subdomain

Custom Subdomain

In order to support usage on Safari or other browsers with third-party cookie restrictions, you need to configure a custom subdomain for the Portal Web API.
Follow the instructions in our Configuring a Custom Subdomain guide to complete setup for the Web SDK!